Snippets Gallery

Use case or problem

Snippets are available in Obsidian, however, finding snippets remain an elusive task. Snippets thus remain sidelined as a functionality particularly amongst the non-power users, although it has significant capabilities in customising one’s Obsidian user experience.

Proposed solution

A snippets gallery that looks and work like the current community plugin marketplace or the theme marketplace should do the trick. Personally, I have a preference towards the look and feel of the community plugin marketplace, since that would allow for CSS magicians to state whether their snippets are dependent on a certain theme or another snippet.

Current workaround

Downloading CSS snippets off old forum posts, and Discord, and from far corners of the web. Unfortunately, all of which can get easily lost/misplaced, or requires someone more well-versed with Obsidian (and active on either platforms) to point someone the right direction.

Related feature requests

None as far as the search function as I’ve used it detects.


Can’t seem to edit my previous post, but was pointed out by javalent that Silver has something up her sleeves here.

This would be useful as the default theme has shrunk all the headings to the same size. It would be nice to simply download a snippet that reverts all the headings to their original size.

It’s also a great way to download themes and quickly iterate upon them to improve them.

For the headings issue, you can use the CSS here:

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