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Show notes in a folder tree hierarchically: I am moving from Scrivener to Obisidan. My dissertation contains many snippets that are sorted in a hierarchical order by file names.

I’d like to have a continuous view / edit option of all files below the point that I have selected in the folder tree.

In Scrivener, you can switch from isolated view to continous view and back using Cmd+1.

In Continuous view, dashed lines are shown in the viewer / editor to show where one file ends and the next starts.

Of course, this would also have to respect the sort order; in Obisidian, by default folders are all listed before the files, which is not what I want; sometimes I’ve a file “0 - Overview” and then a bunch of subfolders.

For the folder tree, I’ve found a solution with the SebastianMC/obsidian-custom-sort plugin; a continuous view should also sort the files and directories in alphabetical order.

Below is a screen shot.

Thank you!


I’m pretty sure this has come up before (maybe not as a feature request). Search the forum for related discussions.

I do love the example image posted here, would be great to merge with this one:

Thanks. I will say the word “duplicate” in hope of summoning the thread-merge spirits. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the replies. In the meantime, I’ve found “sort of” a solution. As part of my LaTeX integration with Obsidian, see here:

I can automatically generate and ungenerate MOCs, on each folder level. Consider this:

On the right side you see my little LaTeX Control Panel - it basically takes care of everything around LaTeX. In the context here, what I’ve added, is an automated generation of files that would just include in-place links to all files in their subdirectories.

Maybe it helps someone… I’ll certainly create more documentation around that Obsidian / LaTeX integration once I’ve been working with it some more.

You might find the long form plugin fills some scrivener use cases.

I thought so too, but I guess it was just plugin ideas. (I would love this feature very much.)

Related plugin ideas:

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Perhaps Datacore is going to provide this functionality:

  • Embed List: A special list which just renders a list of embedded pages

Or am I reading that wrongly?

+1 for this!

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This would be very, very helpful! +1

I’d love to see this feature implemented fully as core functionality. It would make Obsidian the premier markdown app for longform writing.

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Would love to see this!

I’m dying to see this feature in Obsidian. I feel it’ll be a MAJOR GAME CHANGER allowing lots of Scrivener users - me being the first - to move to Obsidian forever. … a big plus one here