Add commands to Move the current tab group right/left/above/below

It would be nice to have commands to rearrange the position of tab groups in the UI. Note this FR is specifically about tab groups as a whole not single tabs.

The command would look like this: “Move current tab group to the right”

Related feature requests (optional)

This FR is about reordering tab groups using the mouse:

This is a similar FR but targets single tabs not tab groups:


Strong agree here! :heart:

Would this just rearrange them, or would it include the ability to close or merge tab groups? I’m suffering from an issue where each document opens in its own group, and being able to just close or merge them would be terribly handy.

Check out my post on this other thread. I have implemented a tab-switching plugin.

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Thanks! May I ask you if you could implement a new function that would move the tab to the left/right sidebar?

Can you share some screenshots of what you mean / desired behavior?

Normally you could drag and drop a tab to the sidebar, but that’s annoying, so a new function would help here.

Ah, I see what you mean, but I think that functionality is a little more complicated…or at least I’d have to do more research to support it.

(I am also realizing that this thread was originally about moving tab groups, not just tabs, which is also something I probably won’t try to implement)

Out of curiosity, do you move markdown files to the sidebar often? What’s your most common use case for needing to do so?

As a Vim user, this is a must!

I appreciate the attempt to make pane location more configurable via keyboard shortcuts (e.g., the splitting horizontally and vertically).

But the more intuitive and better way is to have a shortcut that positions an already opened/focused pane to the left, right, bottom, top (or even corners)–this is common across most OSs and applications. At present, the only way to do this is via click+drag on the mouse. There is no way to do this via the keyboard.


Hotkeys for swapping panes up, right, left, left most, etc.

Use case or problem:

For example in Andy mode:

And desired keyboard-only (mouseless) controllability in general.
Perhaps, corresponding commands could be also utilized by plugins.

Proposed solution:

Add customizable hotkeys and palette commands:

  • “Swap pane left”
  • “Swap pane left most”
  • “Swap pane right”
  • “Swap pane down”
  • etc

Works e.g. in EmEditor (tabbed interface):

Current workaround:

Drag by mouse. In some cases it is not reliable/precise enough and unlike hotkeys, cannot be easily automated in Keyboard Maestro or AutoHotkey.

Related features and feature requests:

keywords: drag, hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts, layout, move, panes, reorder, reorganize, swap, switch, windows, workspace


I found one older almost equivalent request Add command to move current tab group to the left, right, bottom, top
IMHO they could be merged.

Also want this feature.

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+1 id like this


So many panes! Being able to switch between them with a shortcut would be great. Don’t see an extension for this yet either…

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