Open file in new pane on the left side of active pane

Current behavior:

Opening a .md file in a new pane (by clicking Ctrl + Enter on the file in file browser) puts it on the right side of the currently active pane.

My desired behaviour:

The new pane be opened on the left side of the currently active pane. This seems more intuitive to me since the file browser is on the left side and I would prefer the latest pane to be closer to it, and all the earlier panes being stacked on the right side of the window. Also this would enable me to keep all the pinned panes always on the right side of the window , otherwise I have to drag panes around quiteoften.

Does obsidian allow this customization, something I might have missed?


+1 - Use case: pinned day note. It just makes sense for a file I click in File Explorer to appear next to it, not on the far side of the screen.

I feel similarly. Only I want new panes to open all the way to the right instead of immediately to the right.

If I have 3 notes open & in the middle pane I click on a link to open it in a new pane it opens a new pane between panes 2 & 3. I’d prefer it to always go to the far edge.

This makes me think that this should be something that the user could choose in the settings (and temporarily override with a modifier key)

  • Open New Panes:
  • Immediately To the Right, At the End on the Right, Immediately to the Left, At the End on the Left.

This also has implications to horizontal splits. Obsidian currently always opens the new pane below the current pane. Sometime’s I’ll have a pane split horizontally & want to open a new pane to the right vertically.