Make tab groups dragable

Use case or problem

Before Version 1.0 it was possible to rearrange panes by using the mouse, changing the layout of your opened notes however you see fit. Since Version 1.0 came out tabs have been introduced and what was once called panes is now called tab groups (I’d say).

Proposed solution

Give each tab group an icon and allow dragging a whole tab group so that rearranging the layout in Obsidian is easy.

Current workaround (optional)

Moving tabs one by one. You can drag and drop tabs in the way you could panes before (which is great), but it’s slow if you like working with a lot of tabs.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not a feature request but this started as a help thread. It was suggested to me by @rigmarole to turn this into a feature request.


I found myself a few times already dragging 5 tabs across the screen wishing to be able to have a tab group icon, or being able to select a bunch and drag them at once.
I think tab groups in google chrome could be a nice inspiration.

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Okay, that’s confusing. Panes are now tab groups? I was expecting something new, like Safari Tab Groups, which are amazing.