How to drag panes (tab groups) in 1.0?

Things I have tried

The help states under Rearrange panes

To move a pane, simply drag the pane icon in the top left corner of the pane. As you drag it around, a visual indicator will appear to show where the pane will be placed. Dropping onto each of the four sides of an existing pane creates a horizontal or vertical split, and dropping in the center swaps positions with the target pane.

You can also drag panes into the two sidebars. Panes in the sidebar work a bit differently, for more please see the Panes in the sidebar section below.

It seems that this description doesn’t fit anymore? I can move tabs from one pane (tab group) to another, but I can’t seem to find a way to drag a pane (tab group) itself…

What I’m trying to do

Tried draging a pane with the mouse, using different modifier keys, clicking different targets, but it doesn’t seem to work.

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I can drag a pane using the pane side strip and drop it to rearrange or onto the sidebars.

Can you share a screenshot? Or maybe mark in my screenshot what the pane side strip is? Is this an os specific problem? I’m on macOS.

I think it’s a problem with terminology where I was getting confused.
You can drag individual tabs by grabbing the tab. When you have the interface in Stack Tabs so instead of top-level tabs there are vertical sliding bars you can grab the vertical bar to drag the pane.
On your screenshot, you have four tab groups and I don’t think you can drag a whole group just move tabs around one at a time.
Sorry, I thought you were talking about single tabs.

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Thanks for your clarification regardless!

I think you’re right. Before tabs, a pane was a single note, so dragging the note could rearrange the panes. A pane with multiple tabs in it doesn’t seem to have that icon that can be dragged around, as a group.

This would likely be a worthy feature request. (But if you do, search first in case a FR already exists.)

I created a feature request.

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