Ability to split vertically above or below; ability to split horizontally left or right

Use case or problem

When using the split vertically or split horizontally feature, I’d prefer to be able to control which way (i.e., above or below; and left or right).

At present, it defaults to below and right.

Proposed solution

I think we should have a separate toggle (so split to the right; split to the left; split above; split below).


have a default setting so vertically always means one thing and horizontally always means another.

I prefer the first option as the 2nd is not flexible enough. However, if this is implemented, then the 2nd option would not be so bad:

Current workaround (optional)

It’s cumbersome to have to drag the pin to where you want it after you have split it horizontally or vertically, esp. when you already have a lot of panes. It takes your hands away from the keyboard and disrupts your reading or writing/productivity.

Related feature requests (optional)


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