Add command to Move current tab to tab group to the right/left

Use case or problem

I really like the functionality of switching focus between left and right tab groups, but find myself also wanting to move the current tab to the other tab group quite often. Unfortunately, there is no command to this. I suspect this would be quite easy to implement and would help people who want to stay on the keyboard as much as possible

Proposed solution


  • Implement Move current tab to tab group on the right
  • Implement Move current tab to tab group on the left

Is this the same as ‘Move current tab to new pane’ hotkey option, or are they different? They are close, for sure.

I had a look at that, but I believe panes are different from tab groups? I am not entirely sure on the nomenclature used.

Crucially this shouldn’t be a new tab group, but one that is already open - perhaps except in the case where it is already the rightmost/leftmost tab group, which case it could create a new tab group? Similarly if moving a tab out of a tab group results in that tab group being empty, it should be closed

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Tab group is the new name for pane.

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Less important but relevant there could be move current tab to tab group below/above

I agree that these should also be implemented. Maybe people with vertical monitors will find this particularly useful

No, it’s not the same, but it’s closely related. My original request was to move the current tab to a new pane (i.e. tab group, in the new parlance), rather than moving it to a different tab group.

For what it’s worth:

Unless I’m mistaken there’s a precedent in IDEs for moving the current tab to the existing group to the left/right/below/above, if a tab group already exists, and to create a new tab group if a tab group doesn’t exist there yet.

But I haven’t seen any implementation of “create a new tab group no matter what”.

I’m only stating this because this design is more common and is my preferred “middle way”

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Thanks. The reason I submitted my original FR was because the introduction of tab groups was (and still is) giving me all sorts of usability problems. I want to be able to guarantee opening a note in a new pane (i.e. its own new tab group), rather than having it be forced into an existing tab group. As I pointed out in the FR, we can already do this if we want to move a tab to a new window (something I would never want to do, incidentally), so why can’t we also do so in a new pane (i.e. tab group)?

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I think this feature is quite essential. VSCode even has a default keybinding:
“View: Move Editor into Next Group” ⌃⌘→


Did this request die? Even a plugin would be amazing!

Check out GitHub - jsrozner/obsidian-tab-shifter.

I just finished writing it. I requested it to be added to community plugins, but in the meantime you can add it manually via github or using BRAT (for beta testing)


Awesome, finally!

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