10k notes in Evernote...How to start?

I’ve been fascinated by Obsidian after watching several reviews on YouTube. I’ve wanted to get out of Evernote’s proprietary system for years and this looks like a good fit.

I don’t want to start from scratch, and I’ve discovered I can export from Evernote to Bear and then from Bear to Obsidian and get pretty nice files, with the exception of any attachments don’t autolink…and I’m having a hard time mentally getting my head around not having attachments right in notes themselves (ala Evernote).

Anyway, just looking for feedback and thoughts from this awesome community!

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How would it be different? Evernote hides the internal workings by having everything in the database, but attachments will be stored separately. In Obsidian, all the workings are visible and attachments have a visible separate existence, but preview and export should still show attachments in the note.

I’m struggling deeply with this too. I tried using the Notion importer and then using the script to make it ready for obsidian but no luck :frowning:

Ah–you’re right, preview shows images right in the note. PDFs are still just links to the PDF (in Evernote, I’m used to PDFs showing up in line), but I can get used to that. Thx!

I used Joplin to convert Evernote notes. I imported enex files to Joplin and then exported them to .md. It was very smooth and created a _resources folder for the linked images, audio and pdfs etc. Once you open the files in Obsidian, if you move the resources, it will update any links.

I am a visual person and have a lot of embedded images. I can’t wait for Obsidian to have a WYSIWYG editor instead of having to toggle between Edit and Preview mode.


Have you used Joplin for long? Or did you install it purely for its import/export capability? I’m curious what compelled you to adopt Obisian over Joplin.

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I tried Joplin a while ago and it has a lot of features but it didn’t quite have the right ‘feel’. Just something about the UI felt rigid. So I’ve used it mostly to convert from Evernote to md.

I’ve been enjoying using Obsidian and every day I’m discovering new cool things about it that fit for me. It’s so rich and flexible.

The one big friction which I struggle with is working with markdown edit and preview modes. Specifically not seeing images in edit mode - something like Typora does. That would be so amazing.

Not sure if that answers your question but I look forward to all the wonderful things the obsidian team keeps showing up with.

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Thanks, for relating your experiences with Joplin. I had never heard of it and was just curious. As a command line junky, I was intrigued by its command line client.

One of the first short-cuts I mastered was Cmd-E (on macOS), for toggling between editor and render mode. I hit that as much as several times a minute if I’m creating an entry with rendering concerns. It’s not quite realtime WYSIWYG, but it’s very close.

When I write and want to see the preview at the same time, I open the same note (per Ctrl-Click) in a parallel pane in preview mode. Every formatting you do and every image immediately is visible.

You can use Joplin to import your notes, then export markdown that can be opened by Obsidian. it works well.

I still use Joplin to gather stuff from the Web.

You may want to check out yarle from @akos0215.