10k notes in Evernote...How to start?

Hi @dmehers !

May I ask what was wrong with my app which has the same goal (as I see), what is the feature you missed?

Here is mine: GitHub - akosbalasko/yarle: Yarle - The ultimate converter of Evernote notes to Markdown


Hi Akos,

To be honest I didn’t look deeply into what was already there, I just wanted to create the perfect app for me (that might be useful for other people).

I wanted my complete tag hierarchy, which last time I checked wasn’t in the exported enex, which is why I talk to Evernote’s servers to download metadata (and optionally the content). I liked the idea of using symbolic links for tagged notes, so that the content wasn’t duplicated.

I also wanted something that was an app rather than a command line tool.

Finally I wanted to exercise my Swift and SwiftUI skills to build the app from scratch, although when I created my Windows version of the app I then converted my Swift code to C#.

I’m sorry if I upset you by creating something that is similar to your tool.



I’ve browsed yarle and it seems I did look at using it last year - maybe that is what gave me the idea to create my own app as a side-project Nested tags -> folders? · Discussion #267 · akosbalasko/yarle · GitHub

One other thing: ExportNote maintains a sqlite database of what has already been synced, meaning if you subsequently create or update a note in Evernote and re-run the sync, only those changes are regenerated as markdown or HTML, which will be almost instant.

The idea is that you can continue using Evernote, and ExportNote will continuously keep your markdown and/or html files up to date.

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This seems like an excellent tool for my applications too. The synching would be helpful.
What I need is the meta information of Evernote notes with the tags and the note. I think older apps were around to do this, but I like your use of sqlite. When do you see including note meta information in the export?

Hi, the latest update includes the Evernote metadata in the markdown frontmatter, and it’s been there from day one for HTML.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if it isn’t what you are looking for exactly, and I can update it.