Why aren't note connections based on shared tags represented on the local graph?

What I’m trying to do

I'm trying to see, on the local graph, connections between files containing the same tag in the same way that connections between files containing the same links are represented.

Tag connections are represented on the global graph but not local graphs. Why is this?

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Do you maybe have “Tags” unchecked in the filter settings of your local graph?

Tags is enabled. You can see in this screen capture that I have two notes open and each contains the same tag. A connection line is not shown in the local graph view of one of the notes, as would be done if they contained the same link.

Oh yeah I see what you mean now.

Yeah, if you increase the connection depth to 2 or more, you see the links. But not the tags.

If I’m reading correctly, this is the open feature request: Show pages with similar tags in the local graph


Oh I forgot about that one. I even gave it a +1 a while ago.

That being said, I’m still curious about this. Why do tag-based connections render in the global graph and not local graphs? Seems like if it works on the global graph, it shouldn’t bee too complex to make it work on local graphs (but I’m not a technical person so maybe I’m extremely naive).


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