Show pages with similar tags in the local graph

Use case or problem

I love the local graph. It gives a better overview over a specific topic than the general graph. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that if I’m looking at the local graph of page A, which uses tag B, while page C also has tag B, page C is not visible in the local graph, no matter the depth. I think this would be pretty useful, since it helps you find related topics which haven’t been directly linked.

Proposed solution

If tags are enabled in the filters, and depth is more than 1, show pages which share tags with the page of the local graph. It already works in the general graph, but I think it would be useful to have this in the local graph as well.


I support this request. This will allow to use tags instead of zero-links aka hubs (which are displayed in local graph correctly), which is more convenient in my opinion.

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+1 — If anyone is keen to build a tag explorer plugin let me know.

It is what I needed. I tried dataview to list all pages with certain tags but it didn’t work. Because the query results from dataview won’t show in local/global graph.

+1 need this feature badly

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This would be one of my most-used features, +1

I use tags to link my notes to topics, so if I want to come up with new interesting connections to start writing, this is literally what I’d need.

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+1 from me

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+1, this would be an extremely beneficial feature

I was kind of amazed that this feature is not there as I have started using tags recently…


And this conversation just popped up again in this thread: Why aren't note connections based on shared tags represented on the local graph? - #5 by ryadaj

I think it would make sense to allow these tag connections to show up as neighbors when the depth is set at an appropriate level.

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+1! This would make rediscovery of old information so much easier.

one more

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I was surprised to find this is not the default behaviour.
Is there any reason not to show the tag-based connections in the local graph?
+1 from me

+1 Local Graph View with tag-heavy vaults essentially doesn’t work because you cannot see the connections between notes