What are the differences between various database plugins?

I see that there are three similar plugins. Do you know what the differences between them?

My other questions:

  • Had the authors done the plugin review before making them? This would reduce overlapping works. For example, take a look at this plugin review
  • I thought that these plugins should be a rock for many users, but in my observation it is quite silent when they are released. Is that true? If yes, then why is that?

Developers get so wrapped up in their own development excitement that they forget to introduce their purpose and application scenarios.

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I’ll just paste this here in case it’s useful to anyone feature comparison new database plugins - Google Sheets
In short, database folder plugin works more like the kanban plugin, it takes the full pane, but database plugin is more like dataview, where you can create multiple code blocks in one note.


the db folder plugin is also a markdown note, which you can see the code block of it. Why is it can’t be used multiply in one note?

It creates a custom view to display the database.

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I’ve been using the DB folder plugin and I can say that it has a very clear roadmap of what it wants to implement versus not. Also another reason why I support him over the database plugin - I like responsive developers who share their vision of what the end-product may look like.


Also, I do enjoy this concept of choosing an entire folder as the database. By combining it with other plugins such as Auto Note Mover, you can create some really creative and convenient workflows.

Not to mention if you don’t like using an entire folder as the source, he has recently released using tags as sources.

Also, he’s also released recently the ability to use entire dataview queries as sources - meaning that you can convert your dataview query into an editable database table.

Some exciting things he has planned for the long-term include Notion Formulas, Relational databases, Mobile support and more.


what is the strengths and weaknesses of custom view over rendering code block in view mode?

Also, what does the slash in the comparison sheet mean?

The custom view have more space but can only have one db per pane, the code block can have multiple db per pane but have less space. Just to note that folder db plugin is planning to support multiple views, so this drawback will be somewhat reduced.

The slash means that the plugin was not meant to provide such a feature.