Obsidian Databases Core Plugin

The Obsidian roadmap currently lists:


Create dynamic tables using data stored in note properties

Is this going to be a core plugin that replaces Dataview and Datacore?


Not been able to find anything out about this through the forum. A contact on a WhatsApp group said they thought Datacore and Databases might be the same thing. Wild guess. :person_shrugging:

Would be nice to hear from the team what Databases is shaping up to be. Might have a big impact on how we shape our vaults for the future.

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Very interested to hear more about this too.

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Wish someone from the Obsidian team would shed some light on this. Seems like a significant change on the horizon.

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Tony Grosinger (the creator of the Advanced Tables community plugin) is now part of the Obsidian Team. He’s very likely a huge part of the upcoming Table Editing feature and maybe Databases too?

My guess would be that Databases will be a more barebones integrated version compared to Dataview / Datacore. Enough for most users, but power users will probably opt for the upcoming Datacore community plugin instead.


If you really want details earlier, you can always sign up for Insider builds. :wink:

Tho currently you won’t learn anything more because they’re not working on it yet.

EDIT: Actually you don’t even have to do that because they post the Insider release notes publicly. But you’d get access to the discussion about it in the insider channels on Discord.

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Many thanks, @Olondre and @CawlinTeffid, for the insights.

The core properties plugin has already had a big impact on my usage. Had been using a lot of Dataview queries in files to summarize YAML headers and make items into links. With properties that’s no longer necessary, so I’ve already removed about 2,000 Dataview queries from my vault.

Looking forward to knowing the scope that Databases will offer as it might be sufficient for my needs without having to run Dataview / Datacore. Might even impact on the changes I am making now. The longer I have used Obsidian, the more I have pared back on community plugins, custom CSS, etc.

I follow the notes for the insider releases but I’m not savvy enough to feel comfortable with running early software builds. Patience over desire. Tough all the time.

Looking forward to the standard api that will possibly be brought with datacore. Unifying tags property and hash tags save our lives from dealing with compatibility tbh.

How are they not unified? They both get added to the same tag index.

Yes, they serve the same function, but having different user interfaces provides more options. The new official preference for the tags property provides a clear instruction on the default behavior when users want to add a specific tag to their notes through plugin. This eliminates the need for guessing between hash/YAML or providing redundant configurations for different field names. I should have made that clear.

Thanks for these improvements, doing things natively is always a better choice anyway.