Webp support

Now webp support is absent. if you drag’n’drop webp image, it either doesn’t show anything, or make a link that is not visible in preview, and also won’t copy image to attachments folder.

If there is some rules which files are allowed, may be it should be done as option.

Regarding webp is good format. May be it should be converted to jpg/png if it can’t be embedded as is. But lacking it’s support is not so good.


I agree that webp images should be supported.

They are being used more & more frequently on the internet.


+1 for webp support. It’s probably pretty easy to add support for it since Electron can render it natively, probably just needs a few lines of code. I take all my screenshots in webp since it saves filesize, and I have to rename them from “.webp” to “.png” to make them work. Obsidian just needs to recognize the “.webp” extension


Please add support for WEBP files.

A lot of websites I frequent use webp. It would be really convenient to have support for it. This would hopefully extend to animated webp.

Turns out you can just rename the animated.webp to animated.gif and it will work like a charm. Not the best of workarounds, but better than not using obsidian at all.

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Looks like it’s a trivial issue of detecting that a file with the webp extension should be treated as an image. I’m surprised that it’s not fixed yet. I keep renaming such files, but I would rather avoid this, since such practice may cause problems with other programs.

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Would really like this topic to be brought to devs attention, because I really think it would take about 2 minutes of coding to implement. The fact that WebP isn’t supported means that Obsidian devs hard-coded a list of file extensions (".jpg", “.png”, etc.) to embed as images, and simply excluded “.webp” from that list.

I think so too, because, if you rename the .webp to .png, obsidian allows chromium to render it, and chromium ignores the filetype and reads in its header that that its webp and renders it fine. edit oops y’all already discovered that, i should have skimmed the earlier replies

oh sounds like it might be coming

I brought this up in discord today after I realized they didn’t work. Seeing as chromium supports webp, electron should too.
Licat replied and said they might try to add “webp” to the list of accepted file extensions to see if its a super easy fix. Maybe we’ll get an insider’s version with webps soon.

Edit: Ohh Chungus beat me to posting it.

In addition to WebP, avif and heic images aren’t natively supported in Obsidian but using the .png trick they can be displayed. avif images use the new AV1 codec and the heic images use the h.265 codec with iPhones saving images in that format as well Android based devices for video.

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The format is becoming very common on the web.

I suspect many less-technical users who hit this also wont know why its failing. Drag some images from the web into Obsidian and it works, but others do nothing …. because they’re webp.

Webp is now supported by all major browsers so is no longer niche: WebP image format | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc


+1 to this feature request. Definitely an easy fix given that Obsidian is an electron app, and the rendering engine supports WebP very well

Yes, this would be good, though I do find you can rename the files as PNG and they work. But it would be easier if it was native.

Will be implemented in 0.12.20.


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