Opus file support

Use case or problem

I am unable to attach .opus audio files to my notes in the way that I would attach a .ogg or a .mp3.
Opus is a modern audio file format used for better compression ratios than Vorbis (.ogg) or Mp3, made by the developers of Vorbis to replace Vorbis. I use it to store music and general audio files because it achieves higher quality with fewer bytes.

Proposed solution

Recognize the “.opus” file extension the same way the “.ogg” and “.mp3” file extensions are recognized. Opus is supported in Chromium (Electron) so recognizing the file extension should be the only thing needed.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m currently renaming .opus files to .ogg to make them work with Obsidian

Related feature requests (optional)

Webp image support - related to the topic of Obsidian recognizing next-gen file formats


will be added in 0.14.8

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