Drag & drop image should download that image

I often want to drag an image into Obsidian from my browser (currently Chrome).

Actual behavior: the default behavior of the app is to include a web link to the image asset (eg. ![](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/38/Western_Lowland_Gorilla2010501A_%28cropped%29.jpg/200px-Western_Lowland_Gorilla2010501A_%28cropped%29.jpg)

Expected behavior: In the spirit of data hoarding and copious note taking, as well as note corpus resiliency, the behavior I would like is for Obsidian to download the image, place it into my Attachments directory, name it the same name as the remote asset, and make a local link to it.

I’d be OK if this was an option or a plugin too. Anyone have workarounds for this?

(Somewhat related to WebP support, since it’s an increasingly common format on the web)

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I have 2 workarounds I use…

1st solution:
Right click and copy image to clipboard then paste image into Obsidian is one solution

2nd solution
I use is there is a Obsidian Plugin aleksey-rezvov/obsidian-local-images (github.com) that lets you run a command or set it up to a hotkey and it will find any linked images in your obsidian and download the image and update the file path

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