Way to Zoom in to a note (like the zoom implementation in Chrome) without zooming the side bar/navigation/menu bars

Right now when I use ‘cmd +’ to zoom in or out, it zooms in the entire interface including the nav bars, I only want to zoom into a note in the Edit and Preview panes, especially when I have images embedded.

Also, the zoom implementation is a lot like firefox where zooming just increases the text size, I like Chrome’s implementation better where zooming into something allows you to zoom anywhere, any website, image or text without distorting everything.

I use this feature a lot in OneNote which is really helpful especially for notes where you have a big table with multiple columns/rows and want to find something really quick or view it in a bird’s eye view.

Thank you!


I agree that this would be helpful. Note, however, that you can edit the size of the text in edit/preview with #custom-css in the meantime!

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in Windows 10 I haven’t found and way to zoom-in / zoom-out the notes like it’s possible in Mac OS.

Any idea if and how to do that?



ctrl++/- doesn’t work? Is it possible you have a keyboard shortcut mapped to those key combinations?


Hi Ryan,
my bad… you right, it works.

I used “ctrl” + “shift” + “+” … and it didn’t work…

Thanks for the fast reply Ryan. Appreciated it.


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Well, I have a similar problem. I am able to zoom out (reduce font size) and reset (normal font size) but I am not able to zoom in? Any ideas? I have not shortcuts on “CMD” + “+” (MacOS) within Obsidian nor MacOS Settings nor Alfred.
I disabled all extensions and schema as well. I am still not able to zoom in.

Any ideas?

Found the solution here. Enable zooming-in with German keyboard layout

How do I change this shortcut. I couldn’t find one in settings.

I think it is system wide? not sure though

Hello @ryanjamurphy , do you have an example of how to change the font using #custom-css? perhaps one could bind this value to ctrl+mose wheel using a plugin?

It would be really useful to be able to zoom in and out.

Good idea for a plugin.

Sorry, though, I’m not sure offhand what the best CSS selector is. It might depend on your theme—e.g., some themes have variables for this value, such as --editor-font-size.

Most themes are well-documented, though. You can go into your theme’s CSS by opening Preferences → Appearance → clicking on the folder icon above the theme selection menu, then opening the .css file(s) you find there. In that file, what you’re looking for will probably be clearly labeled.

Hope this helps!

Update: it might just be…

body {
    font-size: 16px;

agree &vote
it’s very userfull to zoom in/out by ctrl+mouse scroll.

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Trying to zoom in using the flatpak v0.11.5 in Manjaro Linux does not work. Either with Ctrl + + or with Ctrl + mouse wheel up. Is this feature going to be implemented, or I should open a new issue on github?

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@Georgios I can reproduce this, but doesn’t seem to be reproducible by others. Can you open a separate #bug-reports using the template, so we can try to isolate the issue?

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@Georgios actually, no bug report might be needed for the Zoom in issue, a little forum search revealed the following:


Note that this is probably for Linux using the US keyboard layout.

I think there needs to be a layout-independent solution. More of a application-based key combination.

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If you want this tracked please open a bug report/feature request. Threads in the archive are unlikely to be followed upon.

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Hi @argentum, to ‘zoom like in Chrome’ is not the same as ‘changing the font size.’