Pinch-to-zoom (not just increase font-size)

Use case or problem

I would love to see implemented into obsidian the possibility of “pinch-to-zoom” similar to how it is implemented in browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, etc…), where, when you zoom, you are actually zooming the content shown on screen without changing font-size and application interface.

Current workaround

Currently, there’s no workaround available (at least to my knowledge). The best you can do is increasing the font-size, but this is a slower solution, changes the obsidian interface and the actual result is not satisfactory.

I have seen an other post ( Way to Zoom in to a note (like the zoom implementation in Chrome) without zooming the side bar/navigation/menu bars ) but the responses were more focused on changing font-size than the real question asked.


What would you use it for?

I would love this for magnifying embedded images. Current options, even if you open the image in another tab, only allow the image to be magnified to full screen. I would have to use “open in default app” if I want a more detailed view.

(I also agree that changing the font size is slow and generally just make the interface looks clunky.)

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I think that those can be useful usecases:

  • this is just a better and faster ways to zoom in on content
  • I use Obsidian to take note for my undergraduate course in physics, so there are a lot of formulas and graphs that are not so much affected when you increase only the font size
  • adding this feature can allow the user to still have a lot of content on the screen, but with the option to quickly focus on a small portion to get more details
  • I have a custom css to limit the length of a line to a portion of the screen (similar to the default option on the settings, I wanted it to be a little bigger) and when I increase the font size it doesn’t scale well

Probably there are more reasons, but this is what it came into my mind at the moment.

In general I think it just a better and more flexible way to consume the content.

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