Vertical tabs for more efficient use of space and easier/faster navigation

Use case or problem

The new tabs feature is very useful, but like an internet browser, you can accumulate tabs very quickly. This makes it very difficult to scan, re-order and navigate them.

Proposed solution

If we could have the tabs displayed vertically - as is possible in the Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi browsers (or extensions for other browsers) - it would solve all of the problems.



The tab bar is also collapsible, but shows in full when you hover, then hides again.

It can also be scrolled within, like other pane - such as the Files or Search tabs (animated gif below - click to watch).


In fact, perhaps the best way to implement it is to make it use the same mechanism as the various side panel widgets, meaning that we could drag its icon around or put it in the left or right side panel. (this is what I’m referring to)


Here’s one of many articles that describes the usefulness of vertical tabs in more detail: You Should Switch to a Browser With ‘Vertical Tabs’

Current workaround

The new Tab Stack mode is a sort of workaround, but not really - it becomes unusable beyond maybe 10 or 15 tabs because of the large amount of vertical white/dead space. Also, it is hard to read the titles with their text being vertically-oriented


Love the idea.
It could be a vertical tabs stack for each open pane.
I guess the question is, can Obsidian handle 20 to 100 open notes at the same time?
(I tend to get excessive with open tabs if I can)

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Yeah, I like that idea to have a stack for each pane - it’s probably the only way to do it?

As for performance limits, that’s probably very dependent on each computer… I’m not sure that’s the concern of Obsidian though, just as it isn’t the concern of any web browser. If your computer starts to chug, then you have to clean up your tabs or upgrade your RAM… All Obsidian should care about (and does a great job with!) is making it all run as efficiently as possible.

Though, I suppose a REALLY advanced mechanism could be to automatically put tabs to “Sleep”, as is possible in Microsoft Edge. That’s probably way beyond our current scope or needs though.

Another thought about this - perhaps it would be challenging to have vertical tab lists/stacks shown for each pane. So, maybe it could just be a floating tab stack modal that displays when you either

  1. hover the tabs,
  2. hover the left edge of the pane, or
  3. click a button in the left side of the horizontal tab list

Or something else to that effect, such that the tabs take up even less space.

Or maybe there could be one vertical tab stack that is shown in/available from the left sidebar but the actual tabs shown in it reflect the active pane? I don’t know if that would be useful of confusing…


I just came up with this idea once I tried the 1.0 version, this chromium-edge-like vertical form is more suitable for displaying the long titles (current solution looks a little bit redundant)and convenient for moving tabs out to new windows

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