Timestamp-filenames in Audio Recorder similarly to naming pasted images

Use case or problem

Reasons are the same as those that led to changing naming scheme in https://forum.obsidian.md/t/obsidian-release-v0-8-15/5697

Pasting images now use a 14 digit timestamp format “Pasted image 20200914050118.png” instead of a regular number “Pasted image 15.png”.

Proposed solution

For audio-recordings produced by the Audio Recorder plugin:
use naming scheme equivalent to scheme for pasted images.
Just avoid spaces in filename, to avoid later issues with encoding, enclosing in quotation marks, etc
e.g. recording_20210110_211616.webm

Current workaround

Rename each file manually.

Related feature requests

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will be implemented in 0.10.8

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