Prompt for filename after dragging an image into a note

Hey, everybody. I suggest you ask for the name of the picture when you drag and drop it. So you don’t have to look for it in the files and rename it later. It’s uncomfortable when there’s a lot of files.


Retitled the topic for clarity. Thanks for the suggestion!


Is it a possible way to automatically rename the images as “$filename-n.png”? The prefix “$filename” is the name of the markdown file which the images are dragged into. And “n” is just the count.


Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

When I’m editing a note I want an option to auto rename images I drop into the note by taking the note name and adding a unique identifier.


YES. every time i paste an image I have to deal with renaming ![[Pasted Image.png]] would greatly appreciate this


(Feature Request)

Please provide options to choose our own naming scheme for pasted image, in addition to existing Timestamp (v0.8.15).

Option A “Note title + Seq_num”

<current note title + seq_num>
( without prefix “pasted image” please )

If images get pasted into a note titled “my note”, they are named
my note 01.png
my note 02.jpg
my note 03.jpeg
… etc

Use case

  • I find it to be the most natural and clean, as the pasted images named using current note title are easily “find”-able & sort-able, thus moveable (if needed) together with their associated notes in OS file managers or Obsi file explorer
  • Although associated notes’ titles are subjected to changes, naming with this option is still closest possible.
  • Timestamp is rather cryptic for the use case. The use of double digit Sequence number suffice.

Option B “Note title + Date-time”

( without prefix “pasted image” please )

Is fool-proof and provides highest level of uniquesness of filename and yet still serves the same use case well.

Background/Related requests
Time stamps as attachment filenames
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I second this feature request. In particular, when I paste an image, it automatically creates a link and name for it (e.g. “![[Pasted Image 2394820934.png]]”). However, image names with spaces are not supported by regular markdown in other applications, neither this type of wikilinks.

I normally create my presentations in Deckset, and the image link that is standardly supported is, for example, ![](folder_name/image_name.png).

Please allow custom image filenames and links so the files can easily be compatible with other markdown applications.

Basically, I want that when I paste an image, the link and name that is created looks something like ![](custom_folder/image-209348209348.png).

Thanks in advance,


I second this request. I would also be open to this feature as a plugin

Agree. I’m using 1writer as an substitute for Obsidian on my ipad pro. Space is not well recognized. It would be helpful if I can set the auto-naming format.

This request would be greatly appreciated, as I use a simple system to save my screenshots and I would like to have underscores between names, rather than spaces.

I was going to ask for option A as well just now - but you already did. Thanks!

@WhiteNoise Sorry to bother but pls :cry:.
We want this

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I would also love this. Any updates on this? Is this something that could even be done as a plug-in in the interim?

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I would say two options are needed:

  1. a template for auto image name generation like:
    [hash].[extension] : ![](3307D18160AB7426B67FE200F12D664C.jpg)
    [timestamp].[extension] : ![](2020210523144725.jpg) (this is similar to v0.12.3)
    [relative_path]/[timestamp].[extension] : attachments/2020210523144725.jpg

  2. a prompt or auto focus to rename the file.

I describe here a partial solution to this problem until it is implemented:

If I paste an image or drag-and-drop an image into a note, it’d nice to be asked if you want to name it.

Then if you choose not to give the image a custom name, you could allow users to specify a template to use to name the note, but that seems a bit much and more than needed.

If no custom name is given, you can default the name to something like:


That makes the image easier to find later. (And if it’s in the same folder, then it’s adjacent to the note in the finder.

The hh:mm:ss would help avoid the need to programmatically increment multiple pasted notes or to rely on the finder to differentiate duplicate file names (by appending (1), (2) to the file name).

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Great feature request ! Any news on this ?

Especially the option to add ${fileName} as attachment name.


Same here - very much in favor. I’m collecting all attachments in a dedicated folder in my vault, right now it just turns into a big bag of anonymous images.

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The automatic name scheme of YYYY-MM-DD_Pasted-picture-N would by itself improve the chaos a lot.