Audio Recorder with timestamped notes

I’d like an extension to the Audio Recorder plugin which - while the recording is running, any lines you write in notes (or a particular note) will be timestamped.
It would be even better if those timestamps could link directly to the timestamp in the recording somehow.

The mac/ios app Noted offers a good example of what I’m after with linked timestamps at the start of every line (or in this case markdown block)

Bonus: It would be even better if it could tap into the computer audio and record audio from video calls/meetings in Zoom/Teams/Meet/etc.


I say hell Yes! for this feature

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Another vote for this! I do audio translations and having text tied to audio timestamps is really useful. There are existing solutions for this of course, but it’d be neat to have it in Obsidian.

2 Likes @Aure This brand new plugin should interest you. It is not exactly the feature you describe but it still allow you to insert timestamped link to audio file.

More info in this thread : Link to timestamp of embedded audio

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It’s not in real-time, but for my zoom meetings I either export the recording then upload it to google or word and use the transcription feature, or I’ll use automatic captioning software to import my zoom meetings which are then automatically time-stamped.

Check out Media Extended v2.10.0 Update: Release 2.10.0 · aidenlx/media-extended · GitHub