Naming Pasted Image: Options in Settings

(Feature Request)

Please provide options to choose our own naming scheme for pasted image, in addition to existing Timestamp (v0.8.15).

Option A “Note title + Seq_num”

<current note title + seq_num>
( without prefix “pasted image” please )

If images get pasted into a note titled “my note”, they are named
my note 01.png
my note 02.jpg
my note 03.jpeg
… etc

Use case

  • I find it to be the most natural and clean, as the pasted images named using current note title are easily “find”-able & sort-able, thus moveable (if needed) together with their associated notes in OS file managers or Obsi file explorer
  • Although associated notes’ titles are subjected to changes, naming with this option is still closest possible.
  • Timestamp is rather cryptic for the use case. The use of double digit Sequence number suffice.

Option B “Note title + Date-time”

( without prefix “pasted image” please )

Is fool-proof and provides highest level of uniquesness of filename and yet still serves the same use case well.

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