This morning, my daily note was overwritten due to an Obsidian sync issue

What I’m trying to do

Yesterday, I switched my syncing service from iCloud to Obsidian Sync for my vault. This change was necessary because, due to the poor interaction between Obsidian and iCloud, I was experiencing a delay of approximately one minute before being able to access my vault on iOS

This morning, I encountered an issue where my daily note was overwritten due to a sync issue in Obsidian, resulting in the loss of some notes.

This happened because when I opened the app on iOS, Obsidian created a new daily note before checking if there was a pre-existing one that needed to be synced. Earlier, I had already added content to the daily note on my Mac.

There are two features I would like to request:

  • Most importantly, I would like an icon, always visible on iOS, similar to what is available on macOS. This icon should indicate whether the sync is ongoing or not yet complete.
  • Additionally, in the event of a conflict, I would prefer an alternative solution rather than having the older version overwritten by the newer one.

I’d like your opinion on this matter. Have you experienced similar issues? Do you think it’s worth submitting a feature request?

Things I have tried

I searched the forum to see if there is an option to enable this feature but couldn’t find any relevant information.

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Here are two feature requests:

Sync has behavior designed into it specifically to prevent this problem, but it only works within a window of a couple of minutes. Did more time than that pass between the creation of the new note and the deletion of the old one?

Thank you for your response, @CawlinTeffid.

The issue with the Daily Note is that it serves as the default note upon opening the app.

Here’s what I believe is happening:

  • When I launch the iOS Obsidian app (which hasn’t been synced yet), it generates a new Daily Note populated with a template.
  • Subsequently, Obsidian Sync recognizes a new version of the Daily Note on iOS (essentially the template automatically appended to a Daily Note) and perceives it as the most recent modification, thus overriding the pre-existing note.

Does this explanation seem plausible? Should this be reported in the bug forum? Your guidance would be much appreciated.

The explanation is plausible, but like I said, Sync has a workaround built in to account for that situation. Is more than 2 minutes passing between the creation of the note and the syncing/replacement of the old version? If so, that’s expected and we can explore why it’s taking so long. If not, that’s surprising and may call for a bug report.

Either way, try the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide to rule out various potential causes.

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