There are so many workspace files in the .obsidian folder

There are many workspace files in the .obisdian folder, and sometimes it takes a long time to sync those workspace files. I use iCloud to sync my files. Is there a way to fix this?

Can you give more info, or show a screenshot to show what you mean by “so many workspace files”?

Not counting plugins, I have 19 files in that folder. And each plugin only has 3 files.

Like this.

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So that’s some kind of an iCloud bug. The file is getting duplicated. That is not ordinary. There should only be one workspace file, as far as I know.

I have no idea, but I would try deleting all of the workspace files. But I have no idea if iCloud would just restore them from the cloud.

(Before deleting any files, make sure to CLOSE Obsidian on all your devices, and COPY a backup of your vault somewhere else. Maybe preferably outside of iCloud.) It should be pretty safe to delete the workspace files. But you never do know.


I am going to try this. Thank you very much.

Yeah, I think this is a big of iCloud. So I switched to Git (version control protocol)

Normally I just use

git pull # fetch content I edited on other devices

git add . && git commit -m "Update" && git push # push content updates to server 

If you have a little background in programming, this is quite simple.

The Git approach is really stable for me and I can also resolve cross-device editing conflicts very easily.

Btw, don’t forget to ignore “workspace” file if you are syncing across devices, this will definitely cause conflicts.

With git, you can add it to “.gitignore” file.

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Can Git be used to sync files on the iPhone app?

Yes, you can use an extra app called “Working Copy”. The official manual has a section introducing that but not very user friendly for people with limited coding experience. (I’m not sure if you have such background, please excuse me if I’m wrong)

I’ve recently wrote a tutorial for setting up Working Copy + Obsidian on iOS, but it is in Chinese. Please let me know if you still have trouble with that, so I can translate for you.

Thank you, I am gonna try this out.

It’s OK. I know a little bit of coding. BTW I can also read Chinese, I will check it.

Great, here’s a link to the tutorial in case you still need it.


same problem here. I am using obsidian to two PCs and synced them via Microsoft Onedrive

Will deleting the older versions affect my current workspace in any way?

I have tried to delete the old versions. It won’t affect your current workspace.

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