Save the settings of the local graph map

Thank you for your hard work.

The local graph map of notes, the color group and appearance settings are currently not saved, resulting in opening the local graph map of other notes after setting them and reverting to the initial settings.
Because as the number of notes increases, different tags are added for different notes, so it will be relatively easy to view the relationship map in the local relationship map if the settings can be saved.

Also, how can I input search terms to achieve not showing note names with less than 3 characters in the graph map?
I am a medical researcher, and there are many abbreviations in medical research, but I don’t want them to appear in the local graph map.Also is it possible to save the settings for filtering keywords?

hmm… What do you mean the settings are not saved? Can you share a screenshot or screen recording of what you mean?

Can you clarify: When do the settings revert? Every time you open a note? Or when you restart the app?

Maybe you’re talking about a different aspect of the graph. But the color groups and appearace settings should be saved. And if I put a keyword filter in my local graph, that filter stays too. Even if I restart the app.

Sorry if I misunderstood your post, but I suspect you are experiencing some kind of a bug.

Can you please share:

  • Obsidian version (and installer version)
  • OS
  • The path to your vault (hide your username if needed.)

Oh I maybe just realized. Is it related to when you switch workspaces?

Thanks for your help, I’ll try to describe the problem I’m having.
The first diagram is a partial relationship diagram of my note, which shows the default settings for the display when opened.

The second diagram shows the state after I set.

The third figure is after closing and then opening again, the settings disappear and revert back to the default settings.

My version is obsidian 0.13.7
windows 10
The folder address is
F:\onedrive\iCloud 云盘公司\iCloud~md~obsidian\笔记本

For now, I’m moving this to #Help. Later, if we solve this as a missing Obsidian feature, we can put it back in Feature Requests.

Whenever something strange is happening and iCloud is involved, I first suspect iCloud as the source of the problem.

For example, in this thread, the user’s settings files were being duplicated. And I am assuming it was iCloud causing it. There are so many workspace files in the .obsidian folder

Could you search inside your .obsidian folder, and see if you notice any strange duplicated files?

Can you please try copying your vault outside of iCloud, and see if the issue persists? I would try to isolate whether iCloud is reverting your settings files. (Reminder to backup your vault before moving or editing your settings. Copying should be safer.)

Also, I am not very familiar with Windows 10. Is it normal that you have iCloud inside One Drive? There is a chance that you have two separate syncing solutions fighting each other, which could cause data to be reverted, or conflicted.

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