Location of TEMPLATES folder NOT FOUND

Things I have tried

  • Changing TEMPLATE folder location back to the original
  • Restarting OBS

What I’m trying to do

_ to be able to open a daily note and have the template populate the page

TEMPLATES plugin finds (auto-populates) the new location for TEMPLATES folder but the change does not register and reverts to the original. Moving TEMPLATES back into that original location still fails to load the template so I have not been able to open a new daily note for several days and this is where most of my work centers.Thanks for any help, folks.

If you are also using the Daily Notes core plugin, be sure that you are changing the template file location there as well.

Sure, yeah I have changed it umpteen times in the plugin but it reverts to the old file location.

I know there is a web outage now, I’m syncing on iCloud. Wonder if that could be an issue? Just had a file that could not be saved to the workspace. Meh.

It makes me back away from Obsidian that odd things happen about once a week. I’m doing double entry, still relying on Roam but had been moving with some enthusiasm towards Obsidian. HOpe I can figure this one out soon, thanks for help.

Yeah I would try and bug test iCloud. Your settings and template shouldn’t be reverting.

If you copy your Vault into a non-iCloud location and test it there, does the problem still happen?

If you go into your vault, and look inside the YourVault/.obsidian hidden folder, do you see any weird duplicated files? Another user had a problem with dozens or hundreds of duplicated “workspace” files. And as far I could tell that was an iCloud issue.

I am thinking iCloud. I really don’t use Obsidian on my phone or iPad now, so might just move the workspace to the hard drive and possibly avert this aggravation in future. I’ll let you know what happens, I’d kinda like to get back to work in ONE place going forward.

Meh. I removed the Obsidian folder from mobile library in iCloud. Only remaining workspace is in My Documents. The problem persists. Same TEMPLATES folder indicated in core templates plugin and in Templater. It is one folder deep. This should not be doing this. I can manually create a page and paste in DN template but this is clunky.

I mean the file called “workspace” inside your hidden .obsidian folder. From what you said, I think you meant “vault”.

It’s just a guess, but if any of your settings files are getting duplicated, it might explain why it is getting reverted any time you change it. And if they were already duplicated, you might need to delete the duplicates. (Always backup first.)

Vault, of course. Still have a ROAM vocabulary but becoming weakly bilingual. { ; > ))

I think you access hidden files to find obsidian.md? Then look for duplicate files (and timestamps and look inside for a dupe with the OLD templates folder. I’ll do this and it seems like a likely source of the problem, having ruled out iCloud. Thanks, it is good get to know this community is willing and able to help a elder-neophyte.

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Always willing, and hopefully able!

Yes you’d have to access hidden files. You can do that in one of two ways:

  1. If you type Cmd-Shift-G in Finder, you get a “Go to” popup, and you can type ~/YourVault/.obsidian to jump into the folder.

  2. Again in Finder, if you hit Cmd-Shift-. (period), then it will show/hide your hidden folders. And then you can navigate inside.

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