Sync vault setting with Sync plugin

Use case or problem

I want to sync all settings/plugins/themes in my vault between multiple devices.
So far, Obsidian Sync won’t sync those things.

Proposed solution

Sync .obsidian folder


Update: Now I use Obsidian Sync, and this is an essential feature that can get really frustrating if using 2 computers

I haven’t yet got sync, I’m really excited for the mobile app though, and I will sure get it then. Until then I haven’t had the chance to see how sync handles the .obsidian directory.

Just to give you an idea of things I’ve done to sync my .obsidian

  • private github repo
    When I push my repo to a repo in github I sync the .obsidian directory. In the documentation it’s adviced to do a gitignore to avoid clutter, but I do think syncing this subdirectory is really useful.
  • dropbox
    With dropbox I get .obsidian synced automatically which is nice.

I know it’s not ideal, and I do hope Obsidian Sync does this, if it doesn’t already, but until then the 2 methods I’ve used could temporarily help you out

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Hi santi,

Thanks for your reply, I’m using these two methods now. (GitLab and Google Drive)

I want to propose the request due to I buy the Sync feature and found this feature won’t sync all my settings.

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got you, yeah, it was just in case you weren’t aware of git, I think your feature request makes sense! I havn’t bought Sync yet, so it feels strange that this isn’t supported.

I just got Obsidian Sync, and you are right this is not yet supported, there’s more info in the help vault

In the future, we’ll improve Obsidian Sync with:
- Vault sharing
- Sync .obsidian configurations if desired (to sync plugins and themes)

So this is something we’ll have to wait for, but it’s definetly on the roadmap!

However it’s not as simple to workaround this issues as I thought.

I just wrote a new Help posts for this Obsidian Sync and .obsidian workaround syncing ideas?


Let’s not forget to sync the css snippets as well!

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Adding my vote here as well

This is really important in order for sync to be a great syncing solution for obsidian.

After a lot of testing, what I do is I have Obsidian sync inside a dropbox folder. It’s definitely necessary to have constant backups in case things go wrong.

This way I get all my .obsidian folder in my 2 computers and I get the advantages of version history that Obsidian sync offers.

but it’d be amazing to be able to stop using dropbox and just use Obsidian Sync

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Hello fellow Obsidian users,

I’m using Obsidian on my personal MacBook, as well as on my corporate Windows PC.
I’m keeping 2 vaults in sync via Obsidian sync, and regularly access them on either of the above devices.

The challenge I’m facing is keeping my Appearance + Community Plugins in “sync” across my devices.

Current Workflow Desired Workflow
Install + Setup Community Plugins (per vault, per device) Install + Setup Community Plugins (once per vault, synced across all devices)
Setup Appearances (per vault, per device) Setup Apperances (once per vault, synced across all devices)

Is the above possible today / am I not flicking a switch on in Obsidian that already does that?

Thank you,
Alvin :slight_smile:


Currently, Obsidian Sync doesn’t let you synchronize your settings, but using a service like Dropbox does. As long as your .obsidian folder is synced across your devices, your problem should be solved. I would imagine this limitation will eventually be fixed in Obsidian Sync.

Here is a link to a Discord message from one of the developers confirming that Obsidian Sync currently doesn’t sync settings:

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Got it! Thank you @JonathanBuchh ! :slight_smile:

I would also love this feature, I’m currently using pCloud to backup my notes and .obsidian folder with sync on top, and would love to be able to just use sync.

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+1 really surprised it doesn’t do this out of the box.

I subscribed to Obsidian Sync since I work on several computers and now also on the mobile device with my wallet.

Obsidian Sync being out there for quite a while and not having received much changes throughout the last weeks I would like to express my bold support for config sync. Having to change each minor change to the settings again and again across different devices is a pain.

Nevertheless, I understand that it is probably an effort to set this up in a sound way, meaning that we would definitely need a sort of global/local settings distinction. Obviously, on mobile devices one would have some differences compared to a desktor due to the affordances of the device type.

Still, looking very much forward to it…


+1 I finally moved from SyncThing to Obsidian Sync and was expecting my vaults to carry over the settings, plugins, snippets and themes.

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+1 as well.

In long term selective sync could be useful. Right now a sync of all settings would make multi platform use of Obsidian much more easier.

+1 ditto ditto

Do you also store your vault/folder in Dropbox? I’m having issues with Onedrive and I’m looking for an alternative.

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yeah I do use Dropbox, I wrote a bit more about it here, however it’s still a non-perfect solution

+1 from me too.