Sync should also sync plugins and themes

Use case or problem

When moving between computers, plugins/themes do not carry over.

Proposed solution

I propose that the Sync service also be used to sync plugins and themes, not just notes.

Current workaround (optional)

My current solution is to keep the .plugins and .themes folders in a folder in my iCloud Drive, but this is not ideal and requires I transfer the folder manually every time. I also need to manually update all of my vaults when I make a settings change or install a new plugin.


This would be a great feature, however, we should make it a vault configuration setting and by platform. For example, you might like a particular theme or set of plugins in iOS or Android but not on Mac or Windows and vice versa.


This would be solved with this feature request.

The devs say this feature is coming:

I’ve been working on a plug-in for this and it’s not necessarily a trivial problem. Especially if there are any differences across devices. I only use git to sync my files for now, but once I get it published maybe I can get someone to test it out with sync. I’m not sure where the plug-in will ultimately need to store a sync file for it to get picked up.

It’s already on the roadmap.

In the future, we’ll improve Obsidian Sync with:

Vault sharing
Sync .obsidian configurations if desired (to sync plugins and themes)