Is syncing plugins w/ Obsidian Sync still not available?

I recently set up Obsidian Sync across my devices (MacBook, iPad and Android phone) and am happy with how it’s working, however plugins don’t sync. As mentioned in other related posts, I have to manually install, active and update settings on each device individually.

In this thread, I see a message that it will be implemented in v 0.12.8 and indeed there are settings for this in the Sync plugin that are turned on:

However despite this, neither core nor community plugins are synced. Is this still not enabled? Or is something wrong on my end?

Things I have tried

Using Obsidian Sync to sync vaults between 3 devices. All Sync setting turned on in settings (for all devices).

  • MacBook Pro, MacOS Big Sur, Obsidian v0.12.12
  • iPad, iOS 14.6
  • Android 11

What I’m trying to do

Sync plugins and their settings.

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It is enabled. You are doing something wrong on your end.

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