Sync vault setting with Sync plugin

Adding my vote here as well

This is really important in order for sync to be a great syncing solution for obsidian.

After a lot of testing, what I do is I have Obsidian sync inside a dropbox folder. It’s definitely necessary to have constant backups in case things go wrong.

This way I get all my .obsidian folder in my 2 computers and I get the advantages of version history that Obsidian sync offers.

but it’d be amazing to be able to stop using dropbox and just use Obsidian Sync

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Hello fellow Obsidian users,

I’m using Obsidian on my personal MacBook, as well as on my corporate Windows PC.
I’m keeping 2 vaults in sync via Obsidian sync, and regularly access them on either of the above devices.

The challenge I’m facing is keeping my Appearance + Community Plugins in “sync” across my devices.

Current Workflow Desired Workflow
Install + Setup Community Plugins (per vault, per device) Install + Setup Community Plugins (once per vault, synced across all devices)
Setup Appearances (per vault, per device) Setup Apperances (once per vault, synced across all devices)

Is the above possible today / am I not flicking a switch on in Obsidian that already does that?

Thank you,
Alvin :slight_smile:


Currently, Obsidian Sync doesn’t let you synchronize your settings, but using a service like Dropbox does. As long as your .obsidian folder is synced across your devices, your problem should be solved. I would imagine this limitation will eventually be fixed in Obsidian Sync.

Here is a link to a Discord message from one of the developers confirming that Obsidian Sync currently doesn’t sync settings:

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Got it! Thank you @JonathanBuchh ! :slight_smile:

I would also love this feature, I’m currently using pCloud to backup my notes and .obsidian folder with sync on top, and would love to be able to just use sync.

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+1 really surprised it doesn’t do this out of the box.

I subscribed to Obsidian Sync since I work on several computers and now also on the mobile device with my wallet.

Obsidian Sync being out there for quite a while and not having received much changes throughout the last weeks I would like to express my bold support for config sync. Having to change each minor change to the settings again and again across different devices is a pain.

Nevertheless, I understand that it is probably an effort to set this up in a sound way, meaning that we would definitely need a sort of global/local settings distinction. Obviously, on mobile devices one would have some differences compared to a desktor due to the affordances of the device type.

Still, looking very much forward to it…


+1 I finally moved from SyncThing to Obsidian Sync and was expecting my vaults to carry over the settings, plugins, snippets and themes.

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+1 as well.

In long term selective sync could be useful. Right now a sync of all settings would make multi platform use of Obsidian much more easier.

+1 ditto ditto

Do you also store your vault/folder in Dropbox? I’m having issues with Onedrive and I’m looking for an alternative.

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yeah I do use Dropbox, I wrote a bit more about it here, however it’s still a non-perfect solution

+1 from me too.

+1 also need this. Had many conflicts using dropbox, but manually keeping plugins/appearance/hotkeys in sync is a chore =[

+1 for me too

+1 for me as well. I have 5 vaults and 5 devices and it’s a lot of mental overhead to keep settings in sync across them.

will be implemented in 0.12.8


Best news of the week so far. THANK YOU!

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