Starting with obsidian - management tips welcome

After reading a bit here on the forum, I wanted to drop a question on knowledge management. I notice that a lot of what I read is about study, research, notes on books, paper etc. My use of notes are more factual and seldom contain a lot of my own thoughts. Usually good information I find that I want to keep.

An examples. I have an interest in green energy. Currently planning my new house where I am hoping to utilise both solar and wind. But before planning I need to research green energy for homes. How would u go about it. Make a note for wind power and keep everything in that note? Have a folder and collect notes on the different components of wind power in there? Or just write things that i find in daily pages or single notes and link them together somehow?


I use Obsidian primarily for professional notes related to business and economics news (non-academic), and relate to your observation that most use cases out there are about study, especially personal knowledge management - most examples end up being fairly esoteric, like taking notes on how to take notes!

For me, what I found useful is to start a few notes based on questions I needed to answer.

I start collecting sources, initially with highlights, perhaps summaries of key points in my own words, with the aim of answering these questions. Source acquisition, highlighting/bulleting, and summaries are initially done in a “daily” or “scratch” note that is a catch-all, which I will review and convert to my own original notes every day/few days/weekly when I can look at accumulated notes side by side.

Here are a few links that may be useful:


Thank you for taking the time to respond and adding some useful links. I’ll make sure to pay them a visit. As suggested, I’ll probably go ahead and just form notes on the questions I have and see in a few weeks if a structure forms itself. Cheers