Web Clipper/Highlighter and Kindle highlights/notes extraction Extension

I built a Chrome and Firefox Extension for use with Roam, but at the request of folks I am now tweaking it to work for Obsidian too. It is called “Roam-highlighter”.

This is my GitHub page which links to the Chrome / Firefox extension Downloads and has Instructions, Video demos etc.

V1.9.7 with Obsidian compatibility settings is now LIVE!


Just finished updates to make it Obsidian compatible (usually takes 6-12 hours for chrome to approve and publish). Hopefully everyone likes it :slight_smile: Please comment in the forum if you have issues or other requests/ideas/tweaks for it. The Obsidian updates are in v1.9.7 so if you are still showing then Chrome hasn’t auto updated you yet and/or they are still Reviewing it. I’ll post back here when the Review is approved (hopefully tomorrow morning).


I will check it out!

V1.9.7 update is live in the Chrome store now! If you already have the extension installed it should auto update (may need to close and re-open your browser).

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Thanks, just installed it!

In Discord channel @sawfoot asked an important question:

have you thought about changing the name? I have also been using it a bit for workflowy…obviously is an extension that has utility beyond roam so called it roam highlighter might limit its potential audience

My response:

I never planned on making it for anything other than Roam until recently talking with folks here on Obsidian. Then realized I could make it pretty customizable without too much re-work. I may change the name but at the same time I’m not really in it for the “popularity” :slight_smile: just want to help my own workflow out and all of you!

@smurfman111 Shawn tanks for that. I did a test on your Github page again. It is better than last time. The bit that is in italics is done in bold because it picks up a double underscore at each end of the phrase rather than a single one.

The 2nd bullet point with “Show/hideside Window” only in bold is done properly.

The shortcut keys are Windows-centric, aren’t they?

If this is just highlight-open-tab-copy-paste it’s not as useful as if it were highlight and add to clipboard. I.e., too many steps. Especially since Obsidian is not a web client.

@EdElgar have you tried the extension? I’m confused. It is windows and Mac compatible and also you can customize the shortcuts in chrome or Firefox. And it does auto put to clipboard. It is “highlight and then just paste into obsidian”. Can you clarify your issue a little more so I can give a better response? Thanks for the questions/feedback!

@Klaas check the version of the highlighter extension. Is it 1.9.7? Because I added all the obsidian customizations. You can choose to have italics single underscore which is what obsidian requires. Also has a obsidian default settings option to change all the settings to Obsidian based off your and others feedback. No indents, no bullets, formatting markdown for obsidian etc.

Can anyone confirm they were updated to v1.9.7 and that the new obsidian settings are working? Sounds like for both @Klaas and @EdElgar maybe it hasn’t updated yet? Or my updates aren’t working or aren’t obvious :wink: Want to make sure I provide the best/easiest experience for folks especially since I put a decent amount of time into making this Obsidian compatible. Thanks!

@smurfman - yes updated and working for me. Loving it thanks dude! Hey don’t seem to find the Kindlenotes clipper (menu, buttons or functionality) in the obsidian version - that’d be so cool if you can get that going also? Update: found it’s working perfectly on the actual kindle notes web page. Awesome. This is a godsend. Thank you.

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@smurfman111 my comments are based on 1.9.7.

@Klaas see my GIF. Did you do this? It changes the formatting/markdown to have italics single underscore instead of double which would fix your problem. Also then you have options for no indents and no bullets ("-" dashes) which is what I believe you originally asked for? If I missed the boat and/or it isn’t working for you please let me know.

New minor update!


  • Fixed issue when triple clicking paragraph to select entire paragraph to highlight (now works nicely)
  • Added dropdown selection for how to handle page links/refs “Case” (lower, upper, capitalize all words, capitalize first word, as is on page)
  • Fixed window size positioning that was cutting off the side window on smaller screens
  • Fixed handling of outlook webmail bullets
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@smurfman111 Shawn, no I had not seen those new settings. A big improvement !! :grin: :+1:
I did the test on the page again, and everything is fine except for that “Note” paragraph - see screenshot.

@Klaas the Note paragraph still shows two underscores. Did you select Obsidian from the dropdown and then click the RESET / SET button (changed name to SET yesterday)? You also are showing bullets and indents which you originally didn’t want and the Obsidian settings remove that too. See this GIF which shows me highlighting the same exact paragraph as you and changing to the Obsidian settings and what it should look like.

Pretty neat extension, I just saw the Obsidian tweeks,
Thanks for the work!

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@smurfman111 I had not clicked the SET button. Now the Note para is fine.

I also added a * in the Bullet box, and a check mark at Indent in order to get the 2 bullet points to show in Preview. It does not.

I just installed it. I think it’s awesome. Thank you. But it took me a while to understand how to use it for obsidian. Perhaps you make it more obvious for obsidian users

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