Show Preview-rendered text instead of Edit-rendered text in the Outline

When header is formatted (like bold etc), in outline plugin show text in edit mode but not in preview

The topic overlaps with this - Render links in Outline plugin like in preview mode (0.8.1) - #3

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
App: Obsidian-0.8.9.AppImage


In the new Outline plugin introduced in 0.8.1, I think it would be more helpful and readable if links were rendered as in preview mode. This is especially true when they include custom display titles.


How can I download the version of 0.8.1? THX

Insider builds are automatically released to users logged into the app with a Catalyst license. See

What exactly do you mean? The headers shown in the outline are in fact clickable links.

I’m speaking of using links inside the header.

So right now, you see [[some file|Alternate Name]]

I would like to see that rendered as Alternate Name


Ah, OK, that’s clear now. I agree with your request. Sorry if my brain is not quite as agile as it should be.

Might be an idea to amend the title of the request?

Same request. I don’t want to see the brackets of Internal Links in headings.


I second this request.
Nothing major but looks a bit ugly :slight_smile:

+1 for this!! And also render texts in backlinks pane and transclusion queries

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Is this suggestion anywhere on the roadmap? Would really appreciate it and it seems a very simple fix!

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+1 for this :slight_smile:

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+1 I would love to see this as well.

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+1, this problem get worse when you use an internal link as the header…


Currently, the markdown for headings is visible in the outline panel.



This serves no purpose and only clutters the panel.


Use case or problem

I would like to use links in my headings, which isn’t a problem in of itself.
But when using the outline plugin, the full link is displayed in markdown format giving a more bloated outline than was intended

Proposed solution

When a url link is detected in a heading, only display the square bracket content
### [ Heading title ] ( link I want ignored by the outline plugin)

Current workaround (optional)

Guess I can post a link right below the heading.

Related feature requests (optional)




+1 to the feature request.

I’d like to suggest to take it a step further and handle stripping out all markdown syntax from the outline.

e.g. I often end up with notes with outlines like

[[Installing Python on macOS]]
    macOS 11 workaround
    [Rationale or other things not to do](
   `python -m pip` or Don't run `pip` as a tool

Any markdown syntax (wiki-link, web link, inline code, emphasis / italic) become distracting in the outline view

Judging by the discussion here
Render links in Outline plugin like in preview mode (0.8.1) it would seem like @ryanjamurphy is trying to consolidate this feature request into Show Preview-rendered text instead of Edit-rendered text in the Outline ?

Other related requests



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