Having links in headers, bad practice or okay?

So this:

## [[Link]]

Is considered okay or bad practice? I’m asking because I wouldn’t want all my links to break if one day Obsidian decides to change something.

This question was inspired by seeing this.

The issue you’re linking to—headers as list items—is different from headers as links.

I don’t expect anything to break links in headers, no. But beware that there may be some oddities with this practice. Backlinks and the outline pane currently render the markdown, not the preview content; and I’m not sure how links in headers will look when you link to headers. Be sure to test it a little and make sure you’re comfortable with these intricacies before charging ahead and retrofitting your whole note system!

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Yes, it does look a little weird in the backlinks/outline pane but I’m okay with that. When linking, the links looks like any other header link.

There is a feature request to render headings in the Outline plugin like in preview mode instead of edit mode.