Shift Escape to move to Edit Title in new file

Currently when you type Ctrl+N to create a new file, the title is auto-selected and you can type whatever you like. However, when you press Tab to focus the empty markdown edit window, you can’t press Shift Tab to focus back onto the Title Edit, breaking the workflow somewhat.

Feature Steps:

  1. Ctrl N to create new note
  2. Type a name or leave default name as i
  3. Tab to focus on the note itself
  4. Shift+Tab at this point to move focus back onto the title.

This shift-tab may just have to function before the note is edited, andor when the cursor is at the very start of the note, to prevent conflicts with the range of use cases when editing notes.

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Related: Hotkey to select note title from note body

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There is now a hotkey command to select note title