Hotkey to select note title from note body

Would be great to have a hotkey that selects the note title while you’re in the note body. In OneNote, it’s ctrl+shift+t.


I would hope that it toggles between title and note body selection.


I’d suggest either Ctrl/Cmd-L to match browser behavior


Right now I’m using Tab/Shift+Tab for jumping between title/body and other panes.

But yeah, specific hotkey would be nicer.

I haven’t found a way to select the document filename without using the mouse. Clear and accurate filenames are important and for that reason there should not be any friction in renaming files.

I would like to have a hotkey to do this or be able to press up when the cursor is at the top row to move the cursor to the filename line.

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More or less a duplicate of Hotkey to select note title from note body.

Using Tab/Shift+Tab works for me now.

UPDATE: Oh… It just works in vim mode.

I think that the current navigation (with TAB keys) has it completely wrong:

  1. The shortcut (TAB and SHIFT TAB) only works when you are in NON edit mode. This takes you too the heading and puts it in edit mode?! If you’re in non-edit mode then it’s confusing to tab around and in some places go into EDIT mode and in others not.

  2. I think that the shortcut should move you into the heading if and only if you are in edit mode.

  3. If (2) above is achieved then I don’t see the need to navigate to the title at all when you’re in non-edit mode. It will make general navigation more smooth and seamless without going through the heading when you are in this “BROWSE” mode.

Came here looking for this. Is it happening? Has it happened?

Just here to say this feature would matter a lot to me.

Just because I do this constantly, it would be really nice to be able to have a hotkey to jump cursor from note body to note title. I thought Shift+Tab might have worked, but it does not.

I have never really participated in a forum like this and am getting a lot out of it. Hopefully these requests are not too trivial.

Anyways, some connection to others, no matter how small, is very nice. Just wish I had more to contribute. Thank you all very much.

I would want this too.
I usually use Alt+D (It works in most software I use)

This is implemented since Obsidian Release v0.8.13

There are now new commands for “Edit file title” and for “Copy file path”.

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