Shift-tab from the start of the text box should move focus to title

Use case or problem

  1. Start a new note
  2. Enter the title of the note
  3. Hit tab to type the note body
  4. Notice that you want to edit the title
  5. Hit shift+tab, expecting it to function opposite step 3 and move focus to the title
  6. Notice that it does not; it does nothing

Proposed solution

This process should end with focus on the title of the note:

  1. With focus on the note title, press the tab key; focus moves to the note body
  2. Hit shift+tab key

Current workaround (optional)

I currently have to move to the mouse and click on the title field; if there’s a keyboard shortcut to go from the body to the title I don’t know it. shift+tab should do it.

Related feature requests (optional)

This feature request implementing the inverse of this request.

this feature request was previously filed, and ctrl+shift+t apparently added as a hotkey to move to the title field, but I would like shift+tab to work for this.

Not really, since you are in the editor now tab and shift tab mean different thing.

You can use the rename note command (and relative customizable hotkey) or arrow up.

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I admit I was one of the users who tried shift+tab to get back to the note name, too, but I hadn’t thought about the rename note command :man_facepalming: Now that I see it’s bound to F2, it is more intuitive this way :ok_hand:

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