Make Tab key move from the title field to the note field (same thing as pressing Enter when Creating a new note title)

Use case or problem

At the moment when you create a new note, the prompt goes to the title so that you can enter a title name. After you are done, you press the Enter key to move the prompt from the title to the actual note so that you can continue typing. Pressing the TAB key on the title bar currently does nothing.

Proposed solution

I would like to request that you can also do the same thing with the TAB key, exactly like in a web browser when moving between text fields.

i.e. pressing TAB when the prompt is in the Title field moves it to the Note field.


+1. To add this: being able to press shift-tab or alt-tab to move from note to title would be nice, too. I often decide to rename a note halfway through writing it.

I second the motion

This was implemented at some point.

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