Select with Shift+home and Shift+end

Steps to reproduce

So, enter text multiple lines length without linebreaks;
Put cursor at middle of any of these lines.
Shift+home and Shift+end

Expected result

Both should have same result with different half of line or whole text:

  1. “Home” should select from line start to cursor and “End” same with end of line
  2. “Home” select from start of this text and “End” to end of this text

Actual result

Mixed behavior. Home select to begin of line and End select to end of text


Win10x64 19043.985, Obsidian 0.12.10 in help vault.

Additional information

I like suggestion in topic above. And would be good solution for Home also.

Press End once to go to the end of the soft wrap, press End again to go to the real end of the line. I think this could be a good solution for this as well.

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This is borderline a feature request.

Well suggestion is maybe feature request, but mixed behavior of same function (select) but with different direction is bug, imo.

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