Search: Select and drag all or selected search results onto a canvas as cards

Use case or problem

Based on discussions on Discord and recent updates to Search (e.g., properties search), I recognize an on-going effort to improve Obsidian's core search feature, and there are plugins here and there which attempt to expand it to be more readable, operate as a modal, etc. But certain functions that increase the utility of other core features, such as Canvas, are desirable.

Specifically, I want to be able to select multiple or all search results, either the files themselves or their context, i.e., the line or block of text in which a query appears, and then drag these into onto the canvas as cards.

The reason I believe this could add value is due to the UI of apps such as Napkin which return all cards which include a selection of tags. Napkin also allows the possibility to search all cards containing #tag and then to drag them into a visual outline for projects. Obsidian has the potential to offer a similar functionality with its Canvas to support visual thinking.

Proposed solution

The ability to select multiple or all files in the search results and drag them onto the Canvas, automatically formatted as a grid of cards.

Current workaround (optional)

The workaround is to manually drag and drop files onto the canvas, one-by-one, from the search results.

Related feature requests (optional)


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“Drag onto note as text” and “Drag onto canvas as card” are related but separate features — please split this into 2 requests so they can be tracked and discussed properly. Thanks!

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I was hoping I’d get away with it :wink: but yes, I will do.

edit: done!

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