Copy Search Results: Please add option to copy CONTEXT

Use case or problem

The search pane has a great UI for including context (collapse, expand, show more).

When we need to copy the results, all of that valuable context is stripped.

Proposed solution

Please add the same controls that the search pane has for context to the Copy Search Results window. Or, give an option to match the information shown in the search pane.


I accumulate numerous tags like #email/boss with a line of intended communication across so many notes. Copying search context would allow me to collect all of these notes and paste them into en email in one single action.

Related feature requests (optional)


Yes, please! This would also be very helpful for those who would like to use Obsidian for research coding. The context option in the search understands quite well that a certain tag is related to a paragraph or a bulletpoint and not necessarily to a whole file - this is exactly what is necessary for effective coding and should be quite easy to implement as the two functions would just have to be combined.

I also tried adding the context function by adding it to the code for embedding searches in notes - but that does not seem to work either!?

`Show more contex`
embed OR search
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