Search: Copy context of search results and paste into note

Use case or problem

Based on discussions on Discord and recent updates to Search (e.g., properties search), I recognize an on-going effort to improve Obsidian's core search feature, and there are plugins here and there which attempt to expand it to be more readable, operate as a modal, etc. But certain functions that increase the utility of other core features, such as Canvas, are desirable.

Specifically, I want to be able to select multiple or all search results, i.e., their context: the line or block of text in which a query appears, and then drag these into a note.

The reason I believe this could add value is due to the UI of apps such as Napkin which return all cards which include a selection of tags. Napkin also allows the possibility to search all cards containing #tag and then to drag them into a visual outline for projects. The text could be lifted from search results in Obsidian and moved around in a note.

Proposed solution

The ability to select the context of a search result or results and drag it/them into an active note as text or an active canvas as a card or cards.

Current workaround (optional)

The workaround is to use the ctrl+shift+c command to copy the highlighted text, but this is also on a one-by-one basis. Alternative, you could click the ... menu option, “Copy search results”, [[ with ![[ so that the files are embedded in the note and the content is transcluded (but this would not be a one-to-one solution). Or use Napkin and export to Obsidian after having arranged notes in the desired manner.

Related feature requests (optional)


I was suggesting Obsidian as a solution to a friend of mine and he specifically asked me if it had this feature. Unfortunately, it seems that the answer is “not yet” …

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