Save Layout (not the notes)

Right now, Saved Workspace saves not only a layout but also files inside each panel. I am looking for functionality where I can store only layouts. I can then use them to switch between editing, viewing, or exploring any note. Now, then I save a workspace I will always return to saved one files. This is not so useful for me.


I would also like a way to lock in certain panels (e.g. three side by side notes) that would appear blank if I closed the note, rather than collapsing.

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Perhaps an option in the Workspaces plugin:

  • Save Layout [X]
  • Save Open Files [X]

+1 was about to ask for exactly the same thing

I just discovered saved workspaces and I was expecting it to behave in the way you are requesting. +1 for this.

Sorry about reviving an old topic, but I think it’d be useful to have this.