Workspaces save folder open/closed configuration in files sidebar

Use case or problem

I really like Obsidian’s ability to save and restore workspaces, but it isn’t saving and restoring everything. It’s missing the folder open/closed configuration in the files sidebar.

I have a deep folder hierarchy in my vault, and I burrow into it differently depending upon which project I’m working on. When I switch projects, I close up the old project’s folders and then open the new project’s folders, to the depth that I need. Workspaces doesn’t automate that process.

Proposed solution

When a work space is saved, also save the folder open/closed configuration in files sidebar. When it’s opened, restore that configuration.

Some people may not like this, so this behavior could be optional.

Current workaround (optional)

Do it by hand every time.

Related feature requests (optional)

Slightly related: Saved Workspace / Layout. Here, the request is to optionally close and reopen workspace files. I’m requesting something different, though.


I second this feature requirement.

I pretend to have a different set of folders open/closed, based on what Workspace am I working with.


Also, just saving the scroll location in the open files would be good too. So, if I’m 2/3’s the way through a file, it would move to that location on load. Currently, it just opens at the top of the file.