Request: Adjust Graph Font Size, CSS Solution?

The font of the graph view is very small, is there a way to adjust it with CSS? If not I hope the developers will add it to the “Display” options in the future.


I think adjustment of the font size used in the the graph view would be best served by adding it to the “Display” options. It seems that it would be something that many people would want to frequently adjust.


I second that!

Same here. I’m not using the text at all as it’s way too small. A choice between fixed size and the current setup would be nice, even better, fixed size with option to set font size, and the current option.

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I prefer having the text view threshold set to minimum so that I can vie wnode names at all times. But in order for this to be possible, the graph view text size also needs to be visible. The Ability to change text size will be much appreciated.

Thanks for the updates that you have put out till date!! Never been so satsified with an application.


100%. Because the text is so small, I have to zoom in very close to see it and I lose the synoptic perspective entirely. I have to do a lot of yo-yoing between extremes of close and far to understand connections.


UPVOTE +1. Absolutely, I’ve edited my obsidian.css file and made some adjustments around the general text fonts… However the graph view font is incompatible with my design, which is terribly ANNOYING! Hope there’d be at least some solutions to this problem.

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Why is this such a hard request for the Devs to offer?