Graph text fade threshold consider node size

It would be great if the graph text fade threshold considered the node size. So the larger the node, then the text would fade-in at a more zoomed-out scale than smaller nodes. I would compare this to zooming out on a map where as you zoom out, you only see text for larger geographical areas (cities, states, countries, etc.).


This makes real sense to me. +1

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Good idea

Make sense indeed +1

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This would be great as it would let you see what topics the nodes in your graph are clustering around. +1

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I was thinking the same thing, this way we could still get an overview of our most important nodes while zoomed out, instead of choosing between all or nothing in absorbing the information through graph view.

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I had the same idea, glad there is a feature request. Also, the choice threshold size of should ideally optimize the number of nodes with visible text; but without overlap — or without over-crowding the screen.

Had the same idea, signed up just to give this feature request a +1

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Is there any way to solve this with an Obsidian Community Plugin or Theme?

I had the same idea, it bothers me to have either no text or to much text at greater scale in my complete graph view.


Signed up just to request this (and a font size slider). An absolute necessity.