Request: Adjust Graph Font Size, CSS Solution?

I’m +1’ing this thread again out of frustration. This obstacle makes the graph view completely useless for graphs with more than a handful of nodes. The graph view might as well be removed entirely unless this bug is fixed. Please at least offer the option for a font that has decent anti-aliasing when zoomed out.

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+1 again for Graph view text being too small. Seems like a simple fix, atleast an explanation why it’s not possible after TWO years…

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It is SO hard to read a graph of my notes when I can’t tell what notes I’m looking at.

Juggle is for toy vaults apparently.

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Signed up just to request this (and a relative font size adjustment based on node size). An absolute necessity.

the graph view completely useless for graphs with more than a handful of nodes

I check on this thread every once and a while in the hope that there is some hope of this being fixed. I’m flabbergasted that other features would be prioritized ahead of this

I agree with everyone else. I’m not using the graph as the font is too small to be legible and if you zoom in then it defeats the point of being a graph.

Also signed up just to request this! (thanks, btw, obsidian is awesome)

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I also signed up to request this. Being able to change the font size is absolutely necessary.
A plus would be being able to change the style (i.e., italic, bold etc.) for different groups.

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after another year of using Obsidian but less than I could, and hoped, exactly for this reason…

please make it possible to see node names in the graph even when it’s not so zoomed in that you only see 10/15 nodes at a time.

As things are, the graph is by far the less useful part of this great program.

Why is this bug/flaw not being acknowledged by the dev team?