Publish: Header and footer customizability

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to add some form of header and or footer to the published website to customize the appearance even more.

Proposed solution

Allow for an optional footer and header HTML definition that would render on all pages.


Would be cool if the Publish config would let you specify a header & footer note. Or just more templating control altogether…

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Has there been any traction on this? I don’t see it on the roadmap.

Wondering this too… Would save me a big headache if possible!

You can customize the site footer using JavaScript in publish.js. See Discord

In more limited ways, you can also customize the site footer using just CSS in publish.css. See Discord

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how? the link doesn’t work

I realize this is an older thread, but I’ve filed a potentially-duplicated feature request here: Add custom head content with head.html

I’m thinking that a work-around could be to place a transcluded ![[header1]] at the top of your notes and ![[footer1]] at the bottom. Then, one could easily change the header or footer by changing these two files.

I don’t know how to easily add the two transclusions to a big batch of files other than using python or such, but there may be a plugin to batch edit like this(?).

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Wouldn’t that then add those files as stand alone notes in the left navigation? I had this idea and wanted to do this for several things but the content won’t show up unless those files are published too. Not sure if there is a way to just hide them from the navigation.

You can hide from the navigation. This might be helpful: Obsidian Publish: Hide folders from left nav without losing references